The Kafala System and the reason for migration from Dubai

We all know that Dubai is a prosperous city to work in. The city has grown from muds to one of the richest cities in the world with some greatest infrastructure. The main industry in the city is Construction. It may seem confusing that what would be the reason for people willing to migrate to canada from dubai leaving the high paid jobs and other benefits. But in fact, the main reason for migration from Dubai in the early years was the Kafala system followed in the society. Since Dubai’s population has 80% of migrant workers from many other Asian countries, the issues in this system may have brought the thought of migration western countries in the workers’ minds.

Kafala system
The Kafala system is a system that helps the companies and employers in the UAE to sponsor the work visa of migrant workers. Labor from another country should have to get a work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources that is valid for 2 months. After that period it is the employer or the sponsor’s responsibility to do the necessary formalities to get him a work residency permit. This permit will show that the worker is allowed to work in the country under the influence of the employer. This in the due course of time, made some of the employers take advantage of the workers. Since the whole power of the worker’s presence and exit from the country was in their hands, they had started to exploit the workers mentally and physically. Some of the workers were forced to work in harsh conditions without any rest. Annual leaves were denied. These issues with the system had led to the migration of temporary migrants to other countries of the world. This may be the reason for the start of migration from Dubai. However, the recent labor laws of the UAE have provided some relief to the working conditions of the migrant workers. But, the dream of migrating to a lenient country is still there with a majority of Dubai people.

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